Formal Byelaw Consultation - Consultation has now closed

Escape Gaps

Formal Consultation Commences on new Byelaw Regulations Governing the use of Scallop Dredges and the Exploitation of Shellfish Stocks within the NEIFCA District.

Formal consultation has now commenced on two new Byelaw regulations supporting crustacean conservation and the management of scallop fishing within the Authority’s district. This follows extensive pre-consultation over a number of years, particularly in relation to the proposed provisions contained within the crustacean regulation. The main provisions of both regulations are summarised as follows:

XXIII—Method and Area of Fishing (Dredges) Byelaw

  • Two prohibited dredging areas specified: Within the entire 3 nautical mile limit and between Filey and Spurn and seaward to the 6 nautical mile limit.

  • Closed season to all dredging activity 1 July to 30 September inclusive

  • Maximum number of permitted dredges of 10 per vessel at anytime

Dredging Byelaw  (pdf 404kb opens in a new window)

Dredging Byelaw (pdf 106kb opens in a new window)


XXVIII—Crustacea Conservation Byelaw

  • New maximum vessel length for shell fishing within the 3 nautical mile limit: 14 m overall length to the North of the Tees and 12.5 m to the South

  • Mandatory escape gaps required in all pots (80 x 46 mm)

  • New minimum size for edible crab of 140 mm throughout the NEIFCA district

  • Prohibition on the use of edible crab for bait. The use of velvet crab above the minimum landing size will be permitted

  • Prohibition on the removal of egg bearing lobsters between 1 June and 30 September inclusive throughout the NEIFCA district

  • Prohibition on the removal of crab and lobster parts and clawless lobsters

Crustacea Conservation Byelaw (pdf 664kb opens in a new window)

Crustacea Conservation Byelaw (pdf 177kb opens in a new window)

The new size of 140mm for edible crab species is a minimum landing size, not maximum as advertised previously.

Any objections to the byelaw regulations must be registered in writing to both the Marine Management Organisation and North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority as follows:

Marine Conservation and Enforcement Team

Marine Management Organisation

Lancaster House

Hampshire Court

Newcastle upon Tyne



North Eastern IFCA

Town Hall

Quay Road


East Riding Of Yorkshire

YO16 4LP



All written objections must be received by Monday 15 July 2013