New Regulation in Force as from 1 June 2012

Pot Escape Gap
Example of an Escape Gap

This new regulation now requires the mandatory installation of escape gaps in all pots, both commercial and recreational, worked within an area stretching from the South Pier of the River Tyne to a line drawn 0350T from the base of Steetly Pier, to the North of Hartlepool. The seaward limit of the new regulation extends to 3 nautical miles from coastal baseline points. 

The new regulation requires:

Each parlour / section of the pot must contain an unobstructed escape gap of 80 mm x 46 mm - installed in the wall of the pot with the longitudinal access parallel to base of the pot and within 50mm the from the base of the pot - as demonstrated in the photograph.

Authorised Escape Gap Supplier - GT Products 01243 555303

GT Products Marine (external website)