New Sea Bass Regulations 2018

Sea Bass

Recreational Fishermen Shore and Boat

  • Any sea bass caught must be released.

    It is not permitted to retain any sea bass during 2018.


Commercial Fisherman

  • The taking of any sea bass is prohibited between 1 February and 31 March 2018 (inclusive) in any fishery.
  • Targeted commercial shore fisheries are prohibited.
  • Commercial trawl fisheries permitted 1% by-catch of sea bass per day up to a maximum of 100 Kg per month.
  • Static gear fisheries permitted a maximum by-catch of 1200 Kg of sea bass per annum.
  • Commercial ‘hook and line’ fisheries are permitted a maximum catch of 5,000 Kg per annum.   


For more information please contact the Authority or your local Marine Management Organisation office or ‘click’ on the following link:

GOV.UK website -  Guidance on 2018 bass fishing published (external website)